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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Words with Friends!

I wanted to find a way to have the students take some ownership of different elements of the class this year. That might be making some selections of things we read, deciding on an assessment, or in this instance sharing words...with their friends!

I said before in a post that I noticed on my Kindle app that is allows you to share a word after you define it. I have already told my students as we have been discussing writing that the best way to improve their vocabulary and writing skills will be to read. Reading allows them to see words in context and to see what good writing looks like. I'll have to do another post on reading after the conversation we had in class yesterday about why people hate to read – very interesting. Giving them a list of words and having them to define them and use them in a sentence sticks...sometimes. Other times it does not. I wrote a previous post about making connections with their words, which seems to be the best way to make them meaningful.

So here is what we are going to “TRY”- let the kids share the words on Twitter using the hash tag #barnesvoc. I am going to go over it today in class and show them how to share. I will update how it goes in class! I hope it will push them to be thoughtful about what they are reading and words that they don't know. It is also nice for them to see something that they took the time to do appear in class for their peers. Maybe inadvertently they will also find something interesting to read from what their peers are reading (happy accidents are welcome)!

Words are powerful!

Here are the steps we are taking:
1. First find the word and select to define.

2. Select "full definition" and choose the optino to "share" - Select "Twitter" (they will have to first connect their Twitter account to Kindle)

3. Add the hashtag #barnesvoc

4. Add the link appears on Twitter!

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