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Friday, January 10, 2014

Picture It: Sketch Notes Day 2

I began class on the second day by going over my sketch note instructions. I've try to let students know that everything I am asking them to do I am attempting as well.  Students broke into three groups today based on the poem they chose for their writing assignment. They then shared their sketch notes in order to help analyze and understand the poem. Here are some examples.

They were also asked to continue to add to their sketches as they discussed. I know for myself, I added to my instructional sketch notes throughout the day depending on questions students asked. The prompt question for their essay asked for them to identify the “complex relationship” in the poem. It didn’t occur to me until half way through the day that some of the students didn’t fully understand what I meant by complex. I then added an illustration to better capture the concept.

For some students, this type of assignment is their kryptonite. It pushes them out of their comfort zone. My response has been #1 sometimes we need to be pushed to look at something a different way and #2 not every assignment will ask you to process information in this way. For me it is my comfort zone. I visualize everything. I can see how pieces fit together and how one concept is part of a larger idea. I felt encouraged to see students come to an understanding by looking at someone else’s visualization even if they weren’t able to capture that same level of visualization on their own.
My hope is that as students come in on Monday to write, the visual cues will serve as a quick reminder of their analysis and help them to formulate ideas for their essay.

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